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Gasket shears                  95020 


Gasket shears

For industry and trade handicraft .

To cut ledges,profiles etc.made of plastics,rubber or wood two fixed stops angle 45.



*The operation like left chart shows

V-Notch gasket shears             95021 

V-Notch gasket shears

For all kinds of windows and door sealings.

Reasonable assembling of sealings without measuring,no waste

*The operation like left chart shows

Gasket shears                  95020 

One-component adhesive ALU RAPID

For simple,economical and strong cementing of aluminium-profiles in windows,door and cehicle contructions.

Proofed by "Fensterinstitut Rosenheim"

Detailled informations and techinical data sheet available upon request

Quantity=310ml 20/box

Glue equipment               93101 

Suitable for 93100

To handle our glue 93100



*1=310ml Pneum

*2=580ml  Pneum

*3=580ml  man
  Special glue for sealings            93200 





Special gule for sealings

To glue window seals at the cut surface.Various viscosity.


Coolant concentrate                  93000 

Coolant concentrate

Free from environment polluting substances,water mix . Used for aluminium and steel

Cope-router machines,waterslot machines,sawing machines for aluminium,etc